Be Prepared To Drive In Wet Weather This Season

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Be Prepared To Drive In Wet Weather This Season

NC) Wet weather and flooding can hit any area of the country, at any time of year.

While the spring thaw and heavy rainfall are common reasons for flooding, hundreds of Canadians are impacted by rogue wet weather conditions, making it one of the country’s most common and costly disasters.

Navigating the roads in bad weather can present danger to you, your passengers and even your car. Preparing for safety on the road starts before you even leave the house.

To keep you safe, here are a few tips for driving in the rain from the experts at direct insurance provider Onlia:
• Using tires with a deep tread and driving slowly on wet roads can give you more control and help prevent hydroplaning.
• If you can, choose reliable roadways that take you through higher ground. Low lying areas, particularly those near rivers, are prone to flooding in heavy rains.
• If you run into deep water on the road, don’t go through it. Small vehicles may be swept away in only six inches of water, while only 18 to 24 inches can sweep away a truck. Driving through flooded roads carries many risks, as water may impact your braking ability, flood your engine or irreparably damage your vehicle.

If you find yourself stalled out in floodwaters there are a few precautions you can take to protect yourself and your vehicle:
• When your car stalls, the engine will cut out. Don’t try to turn it back on, as this will introduce water into your engine, potentially causing permanent damage.
• Turn on your hazard lights.
• If you’re concerned the water level is rising, open the windows and doors to allow for a safe escape route.
• If water levels continue to rise, leave the car and head to higher ground. Flooding can happen quickly, but a little preparation can help you stay safe this season. Be prepared for any type of weather with solid insurance coverage. Get a quote at

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